sticky jerky video capture in Premiere 5.5

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      Hi to the folks out there,

      I’ve recently bought a HP Pro book 6560b primarily as it still has a
      firewire port so I can still transfer video from my Legria HV40. I have
      installed Premiere 5.5. but when I try to capture the video I get jerky
      pictures with a frame or so ‘sticking’. This seems to happen in
      conjunction with a sound like a burrrp/buzz. This noise is very evident
      when playing a Youtube video and am wondering whether it’s interfering
      with something else/program I’m not aware of?

      I have changed the firewire driver to the ‘OHCI compliant host
      controller (Legacy) as suggested on another site, rolled back the audio
      driver ‘IDT high definition codec’ to a previous version all to no

      I’ve used HDVsplit to transfer the video and it still happens though not
      as badly as with Premiere, which makes me think it’s something else on
      the laptop?

      I’m sure it’s NOT my camera as I can capture video to my desktop that
      runs XP. In anticipation of the next question “why don’t I capture using
      my desktop PC and then transfer the footage to my laptop?” Answer –
      It’s at home and I work abroad hence I have the laptop to save space.

      The video runs smooth as silk via the camera viewfinder. Any ideas, suggestions, solutions will be most gratefully received.

      I’m running windows 7 professional, 64bit with SP1 on a HP Probook
      6560b, Intel (R) Core TM i5 2410M CPU@2.30GHz 2.3GHz with 4gigs of RAM.

      Thanks in anticipation

      <span class=”hl0″>Ciro</span>

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      Might be the speed of your hard drive. R U using ONLY your internal, OS and programs hard drive to capture to? Is it slower than 7200 rpm? Do you have an external, Firewire, 7200 rpm HD you could utilize. Even though your laptop might be powerful enough for basic editing, your hard drive might be the choking point. There are other issues and I’m not at all familiar with your computer but it would seem that trying to use the same hard drive, especially with Premiere 5.5 still might be asking too much of the system in trying to ingest.

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      Hi Eric,

      Thanks for your response. My hard drive, so I’ve found out, does run as 7200rpm and I’ve since managed to get rid of the buzz sound, which was down to HP Power Assistant that has since been disabled. I had hoped that it might cure the ‘sticking’ in the video capture too but unfortunately not.

      I thought it might be the cable not sitting correctly in their housings but the connections are in and tight. I’m getting a glitch when I try to render too so I’m really sure some thing/soft/hardware is conflicting. Have been trawling the net for answers but cannot seem to find anything.

      Have tried putting in ‘troubleshooting’ and ‘conflicts’ with Premiere and Windows 7 in google and most of the hits back tell me to upgrade to 5.5.2, which I may well do in the end but it’s more money to splash out. Annoying if there’s a simple answer out there.


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