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      In another topic I posted the one man team of Sterling Johnston

      Well I gave some thought to his business approach. He has completed 9 full length movies, he borrowed the funds, produced, sold paid back and had to have some left. But he has succeeded 9 times.

      OK I have been wanting to get into full length productions, because I have some awesome ideas. So if he can I can. I am jumping in the deep in of the pool. I am going to make my first full length, post on my site and eBay and sell locally, if I can make even some money pay my actors (so they come back) and do it again. My only issue, I can’t afford the rights to buy even the cheapest music every time, Either I have to brush off my keyboard (I have to buy another) get my kids together to make music or get someone that can onbaord. I have several options, just have to study on it.

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      Try to find local musicians on craigs list. I’ll bet you’ll find musicians just like you find actors. Don’t let that slow you down.

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      My concern is cost and usage rights. People outside the videography business see people like us as big earners like in Hollywood, You call yourself a director and they think George Lucas.

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      My name’s Jon Acosta, and not only am I a video producer and software trainer myself, but I’m also a musician with my sound designer, Drew.

      Any publicity is good publicity and I wouldn’t minding speaking with you about your project…

      Have a listen to one of our recents songs that Drew and myself posted on our Soundcloud page and shoot me an email. I’d love to chat…

      -Jonathan Acosta



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      Hello Jon; I listened to your song. I liked the music, it feel like a 70;s~early 90’s mix. It was what I feel “real” rock is. The music people listen to day hurts my human, things I like in the rock genre, Beatles, Eagles, Bob Seger, Kansas, Styx. I have not listened to hardly any radio for 10 years so I do not know any new groups. I do not know who did vocals but I like the voice, it had a jazzy feel on top of the music it was a nice mix, to my and IMO your style of music with that voice is a good unique combination, I was surprised by the size of your business and projects. Also surprised that you are not on some top 10.

      I will get in email with you soon. My wife’s mother went back into hospital last night so I may drop off a few days again.

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      Greg, I think it is great that you have made this committment to yourself. Creating a feature on a breakeven or better basis is a dream for most all video enthusiasts. Congratulations. I see from your forum posts that you are very familiar with the VM resources, so I am sure you have scoured the advice on the site. I have a couple ideas for your music challenge. First, I have been playing with a music creation site called Musicshake. On this site you cancreate some music on your own or check out music already made. I suspect that the Musicshake creators would be thrilled to be featured in a film. Next, thereis music available through the public domain, since this music is generally old, it might not fir a hip modern style film, however, it is amazing how old music can be updated, so you would not have to pay for songrights. Last, I suggest you check out “$30 Film School” This book is written by an indie film maker whodid exactly what you are trying to do.Iread the book and while some of hisideas were way out there, I still found it full of practical advice for indie zero budget film making. Best of luck and look forward to seeing your posts on this subject.

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