Step by step and best software for editing HD video?

Anonymous (not verified)

Hey all,

I'm new to editing video. I have a high-def Canon HD-10 camcorder. Footage looks great. I can hook it through USB and move all the files to my machine. They are .MTS files.

So, now for the fun part - my questions:

(BTW -I have a Radeon X1650 Video card with 512RAM, and a AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core processor, 1.00GB of RAM)

1. I guess my first question is that wouldn't I want to keep all files I edit and create in full HD? Then in a year when I have an HDDVD burner and player, I could would still get the full experience? I'm reading all this stuff about first compressing down the video, etc. I guess what I'm saying is that can't I somehow make my movies in the best resolution, then perhaps at the very end, just burn as an SD version for old-fashioned DVD players and TVs? But I'd still have a high-quality version of my movie for later on?

2. Secondly - this is the big one - might anyone suggest the software and general process for actually editing? It seems that there are multiple steps and multiple pieces of software needed. My goal is in #1 above, and below:

I'd like to bring the video in from the camera. Then I'd like to edit/chop/combine footage, etc. Then I'd like to perhaps add different/more audio to certain places. I'd want to perhaps have some text on the screen. When I'm done, I'll have a little hi-def movie in my computer.

Then, I suppose I can take some DVD authoring software, choose break-points in my movie for chapters, and viola!

I guess I don't expect step-by-step instructions. But is this even possible, and if so - what software would be best?