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      Ok so one of the kids wants to do a sci-fi almost star wars like movie. Does anyone know of any simple fx that can be used here? I found a tutorial on making the hologram like was used in star wars and there are several lightsaber tutorials as well. But beyond that I’m clueless. I have Sony Vegas studio 7, aftereffects, premiere(trial), soundbooth, photoshop and movemaker 2. I am not very good with any of these yet but I’m still learning. Any and all ideas area greatly appreciated.


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      Don’t overlook sound effects; they can help to "sell" the visual effects. Your kids should be great at vocalizing some effects.

      If there’s going to be space ships involved, you’ll probably want to use a 3D animation package. I’ve been playing around with Blender 3D, a freeware package that’s surprisingly good. ( )

      Here’s a composite shot I made for a scifi short I’m working on. I shot an actor sitting in front of a green backdrop. I chromakeyed him in front of a computer-generated image of a spaceship interior. Then I created an exterior shot of a spaceship, with a chromakey blue window. My actor and ship interior were then chromakeyed inside the window. BTW, Vegas7 lets you dynamically move and scale the elements of a composite shot.



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      I think I am good on sound effects at least for starting with. The hardest ones to find were the separate sounds for the lightsaber. I could find several that were cut from the movie but I did not want to try to cut and sync all those wav files only to have the different recording levels make it sound like someone had cut the sounds from the movie at several levels and pasted them together….which is what I thought I was going to have to do. Thankfully I was able to get some really good sounds of things like it coming on, going off, several different "movement" sounds and some various hits.

      I plan to make some sounds of my own as soon as I can get a good mic. Right now we are just playing with the built in mic on the camcorder but in time I plan to get better equipment.

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