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      Hello to all. I am in the process of starting a video production company. That will include weddings, parties, shorts, music videos, training videos, commercials, and I want to dabble in cd and dvd duplication. My problem is I have a pannasonic pvgs120 which is ok for a handheld 3 chip, and I have put the word out to people that I do video production thus, people have been inquiring about having video work done. But I am a little aprehensive about doing it because I haven’t got all the gear I know I need-Mac pro w/Final cut studio 2, Dvx100b, lighting gear, wireless mics, boom mic all these things I am gonna get soon. I have been doing a lot of reading up on equipment to ensure I make the right purchases. But should I let the jobs pass me by simply because I don’t own the gear……..some equipment like mixers and mics i have available to me at my job. What should I do?

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      Have you looked into renting equipment for your first few jobs? Depending on your location, there may be every piece of equipment imaginable available to you. You can rent over what you think you need, and by trial and error through each job, you can find out what you actually need to invest in for your company. There’s no reason to purchase a certain camera out of the gate if it’s not what you actually need for the jobs. A few years ago, I had a videography company for theatre and dance productions and promotional events, and my first couple of jobs, I just played around with what equipment was necessary. You may find out you need less than you thought or that the look you thought you wanted is not what the clients seem to be wanting. Check out the rental companies in your town or look into renting from other production companies/rich film students in your area.

      Good luck!

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      I started my company 7 years ago with one 3 chip camera, wireless microphone, light kit, a g4 edit station, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop and After-Effects. This was all I needed for 90% of the jobs I got in the first year or two. I rented the gear that I didn’t have and hired freelancers when extra people were necessary to produce a video project. Over time, I realized what gear I was renting a lot and purchased it. I also realized what gear I owned but never used so I started selling that stuff.

      I think it’s important to have a core base of equipment/software in your possession 24/7 but the advice on renting gear when you need it is a great way to keep your overall costs down. There is nothing worst than paying for equipment that you rarely use.

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      I like to thank everyone who took the time out to lend me some advice.

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