Starting a filming business (Don’t know where to start)

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      Hi! I need to start a filming business. I have a name for the business, but not sure what to do. How do I make a filming business for real. Now my job or jobs that I have done, I film a hunt then make it into a video. The hunter then pays for my services and in the end he/she will get a video of their experience. So I am kind of a free lancer, I guess.

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      I see no need to roll film for outdoors shows. IN all my days of making outdoor content, never have I rolled a frame of film. It’s all been video, even back in the Bill Dance days.

      Set up an LLC with your atty, ensure the name you chose is available and protect it. I think you’d do much better financially in creating and pitching outdoor shows you caould get sponsored, rather than just making a home movie for a hunter. It’s a saturated market but because it costs so little to produce these shows, there really is no gamble.

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      Lotta responses right here at this VM link – it out.

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