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      I am a college student and i want to slowly start a production company. I would like to focus on local bands, making music videos, recording live concerts, and selling live DVDs/Cd’s. As of now i have a Sony Vx-2100, H4Zoom Audio Recorder (not amazing but it works), a Toshiba Satellite laptop (nothing special i upgraded the ram and bought an external 500gb hard drive. I use Sony vegas 6 as my main video editor, also have after effects 7.0 and an older version of Photoshop. I would like to upgrade my software to the new Adobe Master Collection, but that would call for a new computer. I would also like to purchase one or two additional cameras. Any suggestions on what type of cameras, computers, audio recorders, software to buy or in what order i should buy things that would be the most beneficial? Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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      Very general suggestions:

      figure out your budget and stick to it;
      within your budget stay with the same brand of the shooting gear, you may be able to avoid the difference in the picture colours, video levels, etc. Some people prefer Panasonic, others SONY or Canon. It’s up to you, but the mix of different makes may give you a pain you don’t need;
      I wonder how it may work from financial prospective: small local bands are often not too rich to pay even for still photos, forget about edited videos. I do it occasionally as a favour for my friends musicians, but making a business out of it so far had been questionable to me. I would like to start doing it for money, so let us all know how it goes with your project.

      And good luck.

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      One problem with video taping local bands is copyright. If the band plays its own compositions, copyright should not be a problem if the band gives you permission. But if the band is playing the songs written and recorded by other people, then you’re getting deep into copyright problems – getting and paying for licenses or royalties.

      I was asked by a local band to video tape them. They wanted to sell the DVDs at their performances. I asked about their ascap and bmi licenses to make sure it included recording rights. I found out they were performing other peoples’ works with no licenses or permissions from anyone. So, I told them I would record them and give them the DVD but they would have to duplicate and sell them.

      They, too, said they wanted a rich looking DVD on a beer budget. I gave them an estimate of $400. That apparently was too rich for them. They didn’t call back.

      I once tried to get permission to use music from an old TV show to use for a small video production. I found that I needed to get permissions from the performing orchastra, the record label, the composer of the music, etc. I eventually gave up and used royalty free music which I purchased a license to use.

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