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      I see a lot of people who are evidently sifting/browsing through the archives for information … and THAT’S a good thing. It is strongly suggested, however, that rather than resurrecting old threads (1 year or older, often even as recently as 6 months) with new questions/responses it would better serve the community in a new thread.

      I suggest that when posters “discover” old threads that could use some serious updating, make a new thread and in your post or comments add these archival posts to it, if they’re pertinent, rather than bringing up an older post, possibly with outdated information, and pushing it back to the top.

      Moderators here will often actually delete posts that do not seriously serve the purpose with decidedly NEW or FRESH information, when they’re attached to old posts.

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      AvatarJennifer O’Rourke

      Hear, Hear, Earl! I agree!

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