star wars background animation?

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      for school i have to make a star wars adaption of Julius Caesar.

      So i thought it’d be cool to make most of the movie in front of the green screen. when i watched the star wars movies, whenever a character was in front of a window you could see the airspeeders, spaceships, and other vehicles moving around.

      does anyone know of an avi or quicktime file of this sort of animation that i could, say, put in a green screened window?

      any help would be greatly appreciated


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      Is this for a play? If so, will there be a charge for admission? How many background clips do you need? How long in duration?

      It’s important to know these things so we can recommend a solution.


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      What, like anyone’s going to really care about copyright infringment in a high school production.

      About the green screening, are you sure you have a good enough screen to key your characters out? You don’t want to have to resort to rotoscoping. It’s a nightmare.

      Anyway, for all the avi’s you can imagine go to ‘s video search and look for "speeders" or "Star Wars background" or something to that effect.

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      i am actually filming the adaption and putting it on a DVD, to answer jws7962.

      unfortunatly, last year i went to target and found a camcorder for $189

      the card said it was digital, so i bought it thinking i was getting a digital8 or miniDV camera.


      after i opened it i found it was Hi8.

      so i’m stuck filming this in Hi8 format, plus i’m broke so can’t upgrade as of now.

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      also, this is for english, so a whopping 50 people are gonna see it

      um…no admission. its for english…

      also, duration…

      like at least 20 seconds

      or a background i could loop

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      by 20 seconds i mean the background star wars clip

      i could reuse it for the greenscreened viewports, windows, etc

      the movie itself will be about 15 minutes or so

      also, anyone know a site where i can download CG star destroyer video clips or star wars spaceships traveling in space video clips

      tried altavista, didn’t come up w/ much…

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      we’re gonna film the first part on monday
      its going to be interesting
      im gonna greenscreen w/ premiere pro 1.5, my greenscreen is a green plastic cloth, dont know how that will look.
      also dont have much in the way of lighting…
      we’re going to put in the blaster bolts and lightsaber blades with the lightning effect
      a friend has costumes and props to lend us

      he also wants to put the movie on…

      i went to and SCIFI

      found plenty of great CG movies, just what i needed.

      anyone know of any other sites that let you download CG star wars movies(just space-featured movies)

      i recommend SCIFI if you’re into star wars, there’s plenty of great animations, 3D-max vehicle models and all sorts of great stuff

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      I’m glad it worked out for you. If you could, it would be cool if you could post your video on a tripod site or something and send us up a link. I’m sure we all want to see this space age Julius Ceasar.

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      my friend who is donating the props wants to put it on atomfilms, so we’ll see how it goes

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      [quote="Ryan3078"]my friend who is donating the props wants to put it on atomfilms, so we’ll see how it goes[/quote]

      Ooh, be careful. Atomfilms is a bitch about copyright.

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      are you serious!?!?!

      does anyone know of a site where you can post videos for free that dont care about copyrights? maybe google video?

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      got part done already

      im surprised at how good the greenscreen worked. i used 3 $10 halogen worklights and a green table cloth. i used a garbage matte around the characters and let the computer chroma key the rest. i end up w/ a thin green line around the characters, but it ended up a lot better than i thought…

      heres a link w/ 2 pics from the movie so far

      by the way… anyone know of a site with CG star wars backgrounds.
      like empty backgrounds, ones w/ no traffic or people…

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      i’ve finally finished the editing – took 3 weeks – and i will have a friend who has "real" broadband (hi-speed wireless broadband isn’t hi-speed)
      upload our movie (cut into 6 segments, numbered chronologically like lucasfilm. example- episode 4,5,6,1,2,3) to google video.

      again, check out

      i recently put 25 new pics from the film

      i figured that if we uploaded our film straight from DVD, each sixth would be over 200 MB.

      for those who have premiere, when i go to file, export, movie, i choose .avi. exactly what quality % would i want for best uploading video?

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      just wanted to let you guys know…

      finally finished!

      i am beginning to upload to google video

      type in "hoban" in the search bar

      right now i have 2 parts out of the 6 uploaded

      respond back here and let me know what you think

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      Did you get an "A" for a grade?


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      according to our english teacher, we got an "A+++"

      A+ because it is star wars, star wars is amazing
      A++ for including Rolling Stones music (in episode V)
      A+++ for blasting our art teacher (the two teachers have a standing friendly rivalry)

      so yeah…

      our movie seriously beat everyone elses.

      some people edited w/ their VCR, others not at all
      however, everyone got perfect scores

      by the way, if you check out the video on google video, you’ll see another box labeled "julius caeser" that is another group’s project, which you can check out

      we have a competition to see whose group did best… watch all the movies and let us know!

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      finally, months after the film is finished, i got a 3d animation program

      if anyone needs basic stuff – like the vids i asked for – i can give ’em to you.

      if you need a quick shot of some star wars traffic, ship landing, etc i can do that as long as its on a planet.

      email me if you want something like this, and let me specifically what you want. as long as i get credit, i will be happy to do this for free

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