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      Strange question here (and probably pretty ridiculous). I recently bought a wide angle lens for my camera (PV-GS250). The threads on the camera are 42mm so I bought a step-up ring to 52mm to accomodate the wide angle lens.

      I also bought what I had thought was a pro-mist filter large enough to attach to the front of the wide angle lens (those threads are about 69.5mm). When it arrived though, it was 52mm.

      In fact, I can’t seem to find any larger filters to fit the front of my wide angle lens.

      I needed the pro mist filter pretty much the day it arrived so I simply attached my step-up ring to the cam, then attached the filter, then the wide angle lens. The filter has done its job nicely like this. But now I need to invest in a fluorescent filter and I’m wondering if the same will hold true. Or if it’s even a good idea to stack them behind the lens attachment.

      I’m probably over-thinking this and it’s probably a ridiculous question, but there it is nonetheless. Do I need to look harder to find bigger filters or would it suffice to keep stacking ’em like this?

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      I wouldn’t have thought of doing it that way, but it seems like it should work. One nice thing about placing the filter where you have, there should be less chance of vignetting than if you put a filter on the wide-angle attachment. One question: if you put on a filter, then put on the wide-angle attachment, then zoom in to telephoto and manually focus on a subject……. does the subject stay in perfect focus when you zoom out to wide? If it does, and there’s no vignetting (darkening of the corners), then you’ve got a good money-saving idea!

      Of course, the more filters you stack up, the more glass-to-air surfaces there are, which cause slight reflections, thus degrading the image. But I think you should be able to get away with 2 filters. BTW, many filters are available with anti-reflection coatings, which should help things.

      Good luck,

      Ken Hull

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      Thanks for responding, Ken. I haven’t noticed any vignetting with the wide angle lens fortunately. I’ll be sure to watch for the anti-reflection coatings when investing in my next filter(s). Thanks!

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