stabilizer for handheld video cams

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      hi! i grew interest on stabilizers for handheld cams when i heard about the manfrotto 585 3in1 and i searched the net for other products similar with the modosteady..

      what i found out is the hague mini-motion cam..

      i just want to ask.. which of the two is a better stabilizer in terms of function and price? πŸ™‚

      thanks guys.

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      Don’t know about those, sorry, but I do have a complete Glidecam V8 stabilization system including vest, arm and stabilizer/carrier. I used it a few times but am simply too old and too weak to utilize it to its full capacity. Originally, it cost over $3k – first offer closest to $1k, plus shipping takes it. Monitor works, but probably will need a new battery, or a monitor/battery workaround.

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      that’s already quite “professional” for me. hehe.. i’m just looking for cheap but effective alternatives to those kind of stabilization systems.. but thanks for replying. maybe sometime when i’d have enough money i’d get your stabilization system..

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      theyre are some DIY on the internet about home mad steady cam or things like this, but i would recommand to buy a cheap real steadycam instead of making something that will probably not work well.

      Its quite expensive for amateur production …. but you can still use dolly if you want, weelchair, or something like that.

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      Look This camera support! Shape WLB is very interresting and have a good products


      Shape WLB

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      I have always and always will be a DIY kind of guy. This way you are guaranteed that it will suit your aplication, if it breaks you know how to fix it, and it usually ends up costing about 50% less.

      I recommend you check out as they have tons of user-created contraptions that might give you some ideas.

      Hope that helps, TD

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      wow. thanks for the replies guys! i’d check up each of them..

      but.. no one has really answered my question- which is better? the hague or the manfrotto? hehe..

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      I think the manfrotto will be more versatile but the construction on the hague looks more substantial. I don’t have any experience with either so take it for what you want, but that’s just my snap opinion.

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      i picked an “L” bracket at Best Buy for $15. it works great for a stedicam and it has 2 acessory shoe mounts for lights and mic’s. 2 of them would make dual handle action! it is refered to as a “video bracket” online.

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      here is something to look at. It is a DIY  Frame stabilizer, that you don't cut or drill to make it. Guess where all the parts come from, ebay!

      I wrote the article. Check out, tell me what "you' think.

      Mr. Campbell

      The Bracket Rig?


      Hope this helps a little.

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