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      I’ve been all over the web trying to get a sense of what specs I really need for my new laptop. I’ll be doing some editing on it (most I will do on my MAC desktop) and am planning to put PowerDirector on it. Most of the laptops I have been looking at have i3, i5 or AMD A6 in them. So I’m wondering if I could go lower on the processor IF I had a SSD installed with it?

      Or am I just silly. If silly please let me know spec would get the job done well. render times are not “that” big a deal, and most video will be less than 10 mins…though I may have a bunch to import. thanks.

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      Here is the specs on one that is on sale for 449. toshibaAMD A6-4400M Processor, 4GB RAM, 640GB Hard Drive, 17.3 Backlit LED Display again thanks for any opins.

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      The SSD might very well improve the access and or storage speed of files, but the processor is the key element to faster PROCESSING of those files. Hard drives, solid state or conventional are not always or usually, pertinent to the processing of your files. I suppose “virtual memory” may in some way speed things up, but my experience is that even when a hard drive is utilized for virtual memory it tends to slow things down rather than help speed them up.

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      Hmm, so I need to focus on the whether it is 15 or the AMD. The only thing that gets me is that, sure the i5 is good, annd i7 better,but weren’t people editing on these systems just fine when they 1st came out. I mean were people screaming at the heavens over the speed of an i3 when they were first introduced? If they worked well a yr or two ago, why pay the extra money now for an i5 or i7

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      “If they worked well a yr or two ago, why pay the extra money now for an i5 or i7?”


      What you’re paying for now is ‘useability’. How often do you plan on purchasing a new computer? The tech changes every 6 months (a year if you’re lucky.) Do you plan on buying gear and software on that cycle? If not like most of us, you want to get the most use out of your gear for your money.

      In order to get the most use out of a computer, you want to get the most advanced components you can afford. Having a fast CPU, faster RAM and as fast and powerful a GPU will increase the working life of your system. The faster your CPU(s) are, the longer time you’ll be able to go without having to upgrade. Used to be CPU’s were the most expensive part of the computer. Not so now with high-end RAM and GPU’s that can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. So the more capable your desktop or laptop system is up front, the longer it will be viable. That means you’ll have a longer period for the unit to make back the money you spent on it.

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      If your budget is $500 or less, don’t expect speed, power or longevity. A decent gaming PC (which is often the best for editing) can run well over $1500. That being said, the adage of car racing holds true: Speed costs money….how fast do you want to go?

      For Adobe Premiere, a decent Nvidia card (CUDA capable) will accelerate your editing, but I’m not familiar with the requirements of Power Director. If you’re making money from editing, then it might pay to stretch your budget in order to maximize billable time.

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      80% of my editing will be done on my mac. only on laptop when traveling or on location for short stuff. I’m planning on using PowerDirector. May put photo elements(photo only) on it as well.

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      @ composite1, hmmm, you are right, though if this current project goes the way I want, I’ll be able to buy a mac laptop in a year. so this is an immediate step.

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      OH man I think I lucked out. Found a returned Sony Vaio 3rd generation i5, 6gb rams, 750 GB hard drive, 15.6 inch screen, and it has sony vegas 11 on it already. 529 bucks.

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