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      I have an SR11 recording in mpeg. I want to make DVDs that have a good image quality but can be made quickly. I do not need to edit the files, but write them quickly to a DVD.They would have over 99 chapters, soseveral titles would have to be made. The DVDs would be100 min long. Auto chapter detection would be a big plus. I amopen to advice for MACsor PCs software. Thank You

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    sony has a dvd burner that writes straight off the camcorder… look into those first, they may fit your needs…

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    Excellent advice. I already have one and use it often. The RCA, Svhs, firewire, and USP inputs all give good results. I was hoping to get something with a little more menu control.Also,having to hit the touch screen hundreds of times in a day may hurt the camera in the long rum.

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