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      Hi Kids

      I cannot find the answers to these in the book – Possibly some of you may know. My old HC40 has these features but I cannot find how (or if) I can do these with my new SR11.

      Time Lapse (not slow mo – just the opposite)

      Record from external composite source

      Thanks in advance.

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      The reason you can’t locate the instructions for Time Lapse or information on AD conversion (Analogue to Digital conversion) is that your new camcorder doesn’t support either function. It is possible the top of the line camcorder (in the SR series) can do AD conversion. I know that my Digital8 camcorders worked that way. My TRV460 does AD conversion, but my TRV260 doesn’t.

      So I hope you kept your HC40 (btw, my HC20 doesn’t do AD conversion either) because you’ll need it to perform those functions.

      Good luck with the new HD camcorder.

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      Hi Tony –

      Thanks – I did keep my HC40 (still love that camera). I will continue to use it when I don’t need HD – I don’t mind the tapes or one hour limits they bring. I wish the folks at Sony would have thought about keeping these features in – I’ve used them both (A/D conversion often).

      Also, I believe the SR11 is just one away from the top of that line now (the SR12 being 120GB, SR11 at 60GB – all other features identical).


Viewing 2 reply threads
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