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      i m amateur videographer from india

      i wanted to know are there any colleges or institutes offering

      sports videography

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      Not specifically but there are many basic programs you can find locally as far as learning shooting basics. You can focus your marketing at sports when ya get int he field.

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      “i wanted to know are there any colleges or institutes offering

      sports videography”


      That would be a ‘No’. Any university, college or legitimate tradeschool would offer ‘video production’ or filmmaking outright. They don’t train you in ‘specialties’ like a computer engineer or cardiologist would get. You learn the basics and then as Grinner said, ‘you focus on what you want to do in the field’. More than likely, you’d initially start by working for someone who is doing something completely different than what you want to specialize in (like a cooking show for example.) Bottom line is learn the basics first, then specialize.

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      Why don’t you search on google for that?

      I think you can easily find one/


      good luck!!!

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      I ran a mobile multi camera production truck for about 14 years in LA and I had people call me every day wanting to work as a camera person. Many did not want to work ! I had one guy come out to a few shoots and unload the truck string cable watch a production and ask questions when I offered him the time to talk. He was the first there the last to say good night after the shoots. I know this as I was the producer director truck driver video engeiner and truck fixer when it needed it.

      He was a truck driver and wanted to change his life. No College degree, but he had a drive. Over about two years of working with me he became a great hand held sideline camera guy. He also would take a camera on sticks and work magic out of his shots. So many snot nosed college kids wanted a free ride and would split when the wet cables had to be warped at the end of the shoot, covered in sticky pop and god knows what after being strung under the bleachers all night.

      I gave him a name at a much bigger truck company in LA and he started all over as a cable runner and cable puller, utility guy. He came into my office a few years later and wanted to show off his EMMY Award for his part in coverage of some major event. He thanked me and said I just needed a chance to get in the door. He works all over the world now and is a very respected hand held camera guy. There you go !

      College is great, I have a BA and a MA put I have done production work for very well off producers who have little or now book learning. Be the guy I want to call to get the job done with no B.S. !!!! Works every time!

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