Splitting AVI/MPEG-2 File into Clips

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      I posted a thread recently about menu creation in Adobe Encore DVD http://www.videomaker.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1158 didn’t get any response.

      Since then I’ve read that TMPGEnc DVD Author could be ideal and easier to use so I’ve installed the trial version.

      I have a relatively small (20 min) test movie I’m working on saved in both .AVI & .MPG format and I can get it loaded into TMPGEnc DVD Author and I’m able to edit out any garbage etc.

      However, after editing the file stays in it’s original format i.e it’s one long clip.

      I want to break up the file into separate clips so that I can mix and match sections of the movie. Learning how to do this will help me later when I have bigger files to work on that cover a wide range of dates and family members ( not everyone will want to see the same content).

      Is there a way to do this or does it mean I have to manually capture the source movie in segments to do what I want?


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      Tools that should be able to help you are:

      QuickTime Pro with the MPEG2 component:

      With QuickTime Pro you can trim portions of you video into short clips. You can also copy and paste various portions together. QuickTime Pro will allow you to import AVI and should allow you to edit MPEG2 with the MPEG2 component. I haven’t purchase that component yet.

      Here’s a link:

      The other is Canopus Procoder

      Procoder allows you to trim you videos and then arrange portions in a specific order. Procoder allows you to import MPEG2 and is PC only.

      Here’s a link:

      Hope this helps

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      Thanks for the info.

      I’ll take a look at both sites.

      If you had to choose which in your opinion would be best???


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      That would be QuickTime Pro and the MPEG2 component because the price is so inexpensive. QuickTime Pro is a great tool to have around because it is felixible and can do many things other than what I mentioned here.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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