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      I recently filmed a wedding video using two video cameras aimed a different angles while the couple was standing in front of the notary. I would like to show both views of the cameras at the same time. I use Corel VideoPro X4.How can I do that?

      Thank you.

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      yes and no

      you can use the picture in picture option, track1, and crop, but it doesn’t look very good and it’s hard to crop – I just tried it and was fighting all the way and I never did crop it so it looked like I could make it so a bride was on one side and a groom on the other.

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      What format did you shoot it in? If it was in 720, make the project 1080 and put them on the timelines and move them as you wish. It will have a big letterbox problem but may work.

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      I filmed using astandardvideo camcorder, no HD. Is there any other way of doing it without using the picture in picture option?. I also use Sony Vegas but I’d like to try Corel VideoPro X4 because I recently bought it and I’d like to give a it a try.

      Thank you all.

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