Split-Screen Realtime DVD Authoring

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      Greetings to Everybody:

      I need some help. I need to capture video from 2 DV cams on a splitscreen (50/50, not PIP) and write it real-time to a DVD writer or recorder.

      I have considered other options including splitscreen security camera (resolution too low) and Video Mixer/Windowing products such as RGB Spectrum’s QuadView (very expensive).

      What I am pursuing a this point is using an editing/authoring software such as Nero, Premier, etc. There is no real requirement for any editing. More just pass-through to get the 2 video input into split screen and eventually recorded to DVD realtime (actually, realtime recording is not an absolute requirement but since there is really no editing requirement, then just writing it out may reduce hardware requirements.)

      Does anybody know, what editing software can support this requirement. Alternatively, we are open to any solution that will yield the same result.

      Thanks for you help.


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      as far as I remember I saw the term o Multicam on the Canopus forums and as they also have realtime capture cards – I suggest you head to their forums and ask the guys there , also check their capture cards’ specs


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      Hmm this is tricky. Do you have access to an old video mixer. You could probally set it up to create the video you want and then capture that directly into a computer where you can encode the file to mpeg2 and then burn your DVD. Good luck.

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