Split screen effect ok, but audio track problem

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      I had a couple of .mov clips that I made with a Sony Digital Camera (extremely lo-fi).

      When I edited both videos to simulate a telephone conversation with a split screen effect I had no problem with the video track: I superimposed both images, used the crop effect and it was ok.

      But I couldn’t make the same with the audio tracks. As soon as I imported both .mov clips and dragged them in the timeline, the audios went to the same track (audio 4 in this case).

      I even unliked one of the clips, but the audio stayed in the same track. I imported again the clips but automatically the audios were assigned to the same track (again audio 4).

      How can I solve that?

      Or is it that the split screen, or picture in picture, doesn’t allow both audio tracks to work simultaneosly?

      Thanks in advance

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      Luis Oscar MaymiLuis Oscar Maymi

      Did the audio of the videos you imported are in mono? You superimposed both picture, one in video 1 and the other on video 2, so the audio should be in Audio 1 and 2 respectively. If the audio from the videos you imported are in mono Premiere will automatically create a new audio track (Audio 4) to put the mono audio. The Audio tracks 1 to 3 are in stereo so you will need to make a new mono audio track and then you will be able to make both audio work simultaneously.

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      Thanks a lot.

      I’ll try that and tell you if I can make it work.

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      When stuff like this happens to me I drop the second video further down the time line where there is no video 1. Then I move the video and audio to the desired tracks and slide them over the video1 and audo1 tracks.

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