split screen effect?

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      i know bout the cookie cutter plugin but when i use that it only allows me to slide the footage over..how can i do a split screen and maintain the full footage? thank you

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      use pan and crop on the event or use track motion

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      if you want a split screen, there is a button on the preview device that allows you to. this makes half the screen the way it would look when you render it, and the other half just shows the raw clips without any effects added to it.

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      The split screen on the preview is only for previewing effects – It will not appear as a split on the final output.

      As JohnBoy said, use the pan/crop or track motion.

      You can also look at DaviTools VideoWall – A neat little toy for Vegas: http://www.davitools.com/videowall/homevw.aspx

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      just use a pip effect on v2 and scale, position and crop as needed.

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