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      Does anyone know how to speed up a clip in Magix Movie Edit Pro? I want to double speed it but an option to select a speed amount would be even better!

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      It’s very easy to do, although you’ll have to separate your audio from your video in order to speed it up. There are a few ways to do it, here’s one of the easiest.

      1. In TIMELINE mode, click on your movie and click the ungroup button (Control – M).

      2. Once you have ungrouped your audio and your video (meaning you can move them around separately without one staying with the other), click on the movie so that it is highlighted and then right click.

      3. From the list provided select VIDEO EFFECTS.

      4. In the VIDEO EFFECTS window in the bottom left-hand corner you will see a small slider with the title PLAY SPEED. Move the slider up to go faster or down to go slower.

      5. Click OK once you are satisfied with the speed, you can always check the speed in the preview window of the VIDEO EFFECTS window.

      6. If you want the sound to match press Alt 4 (Mouse mode) and clicking on the sound itself in TIMELINE MODE drag the sound to match the movie. NOTE: the sound will only stretch so far, if you make the video really fast, chances are you won’t be able to match up the sound. Basically speeding up a movie in Movie edit was only meant for video. You can add normal sound files etc on other tracks if you like.

      Hope this helps.

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