Spectra Cine Pro IV-A light meter

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      Hi Guys, its me the challanged soul. Got a Spectra CIne Pro IV-A light meter as all the reading I have been doing says I should have one.


      Now I used to shoot still stuff 30+years ago with a Nikon and I had an analog meter that all it did was read light. Can’t even remember what it looked like other than it had only a dial.

      Now I have this hi tech one that is supposed to be for video. Now I am just learning my camera so I am not skilled on the manual setting yet. I am used to the home cameras that were auto so you had to be stupid and shoot. Now I am trying to be smart and shoot and well I find it is taking time to get there.

      Can anyone help me with this? The book that came with it is only a photo copier style that is overexposed and mostly hard to read.

      It does not spell out what method to use for video so I guess my lack of know how is in full bloom.

      Take me to school


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      You don’t need a light meter when working with video. You’d be better off using zebra stripes (a function your camera should have) and a monitor connected to your camera.

      You don’t need a light meter to tell you whether or not you are properly exposed. All a light meter will do is let you know if your scene is evenly lit, for instance, if your key light is the same intensity as your rim light. To me, that information is not beneficial–well it is, but you should be able to tell with a monitor. A monitor might be more expensive, but you will get more information about the image than a light meter will give you.

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      Yes it has them. I have not worked with them yet. I intend to shoot all day Friday so I will get outside and inside shooting. I will play with it.

      A portable monitor is out right now. I read I should have one but then I read I should have this meter too. I guess I need to ask those with the know before getting anything else.

      Rob I have been messing with FCP a couple days now. I got a VCD training course. Seems like I may learn something. After I finish it I will email you and see when you will be free. I can stop out and we can see if I learned anything. I am sure you can show me more and tricks and shortcuts then this video may not teach.

      Would love to bring the camera but the bag is bigger than I am and I would not want to lug it on the train.

      Do you have clips we could work on with FCP or would I need to bring some?


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      In looking at your link. Looking at the specs and features, it appears, to me, to be for those who record in actual film where you have to set apurature and regulate exposure.

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