Special Settings for Audio Mixers for Prosumer Camcorders

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      Inorder to get a good audio for video ,on prosumer camcorders.Is there special settings for Profesional audio mixers ,for prosumer camcorders.

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      There are a few things you need to look for.

      Professional audio mixers usually have balanced line outputs at between +4dBm to +8dBm output level, usually on XLR connectors. Some have also unbalanced outputs usually between 0dBm or -10dBu. on RCA or 1/4″ Jack sockets.

      Prosumer camcorders often only have an external microphone input, on a 3.5mm stereo Jack, capable of between -40dBu and -65dBu, so if you connect the output of a mixer directly into the camera you will get very loud distorted audio.

      Some cameras allow you to switch the external audio input to line level, this facility, if available is often buried amongst software settings. If your camera does not allow this you will need an external in line attenuator of about 50dB located within a metre or so of the camera. I believe there are commercial attenuator units available to do this. The commercial unit will also effect the connector changes necessary. An electronics technician or knowledgeable person can probably construct one for you, but care must be taken for it not to introduce interference.

      Another problem is the audio AGC (automatic gain control) circuitry in many cameras. Again this may be able to be disabled in software. Depending upon the camera design the audio AGC can be obtrusive although on some of the better cameras it can also be reasonably transparent. The main thing is to attenuate the signal from the mixer sufficiently to stop the AGC working too hard. You have to be careful though, if you attenuate too much the AGC may go looking for signal and suck up excessive noise on the way.

      Good Luck


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      not sure if you intend to connect to a mixer at a live event you are covering or not.

      But if you are, find yourself a portable mixer that can accept line-in and connect the signal coming from the event mixer to one or two of your inputs. then switch the output of your mixer to MIC. adjust your volume and leave it… plug the output to your cam or other recording device and monitor your sound.

      here is an examplehttp://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/642727-REG/Mackie_802_VLZ3_8_Channel_Analog_Audio.html


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      and one more thing..Video (audio)standard sample rate is 48k..Audio such as CD’s are 44.1. Best to leave all your video cams set to 48k and leave it there.


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      I also found this unit available from B&H which may look after all of your needs.


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