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      I’m new to this stuff, and i’m looking for a simple way to superimpose.

      put, if i had a table and i wnted to mke it look like i was stting at every seat on the table, could this be done simply?

      can anyone point me to a website or something that may be helpful in this?

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      This is fairly easy in Vegas and would think other NLE’s make for an easy time as well.

      Put your camera on a tripod and record you sitting ont the left, showing a middle and right hand seat. Then change seats to the middle and record that. Then repeat for the right hand side. If you’re doing dialog then you need to time this and speak at the appropriate times.

      Then add all three clips to three tracks and select only the third of the frame showing where you are in the frame (I may not be explaining this well but I hope you get the idea).

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      Im not familiar with vegas but I know you can do this with Garbage Mattes or “mattes” they’re usually called. You put each video ontop of the other, add the matte effect, and it will let you cut out a part of the “picture” I guess you can call it. Soyou can cut outthe empty chairs from the original scene, the one below will show. Which I assume will show another “clone” of you sitting on another chair. I’ve done a few videos and it worked out pretty well. Although I’m not a pro or anything the only thing I found to be a problem was the lighting. The shades in my room (which were pulled down) moved a bit from when I did the next “clone”. So the two scenes had different lighting. I hope this helped and you understood it.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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