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      I’m working on a production involving a "zombie." I need a shot where this man takes off his own head. I plan to do the shot in silhouette from behind – so the character will appear to be completely black (should make things quite a bit easier!). Any suggestions on how to pull something like this off? (no pun intended)

      My only guess would be to use a full-head human mask or something, have the subject tilt their head down to try to hide their "real" head – and then have the hands lift the mask up off. I pondered trying to do it with animation, but I’m just not that hot at flash. I need it to look perfectly real and believable.

      I also then have a CU of the man’s head talking, while being cradled in his arm. Any bright ideas?


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      Where is the great Tom Savini when you need him?

      I guess you have many options…
      How about green screen?

      Your subject is in all black with a black head piece.
      Under the black head piece the subject has an all green head stocking so it’s invisible when the black head piece is pulled off.

      However you do it, let us see it when you’re done. 8)

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