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      I was particularly impressed with the winner of Videomakers best event video "The Wedding of Lorna & William". I am editing a wedding video (my first ever!) & would like to do something similar to the above: make the wedding ring sparkle.

      I only have a still of the wedding ring on the brides finger & want to fade in (& out) a sparkle to draw attention to the ring. I use Vegas 6.

      Do I need any additional plugins (I have Pixelan’s Creativease already, but haven’t had any luck making sparkles with it), or is there some fairly straightforward way of doing it in vegas?

      Would appreciate your suggestions!

      Many thanks


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      Hi Virginia –

      Check out the line-up from Digital Juice – You could add lots of effects, like sparkle, using their motion design elements (kinda like clip art for video) –

      They also have two editors toolkits specifically for weddings –

      And a motion background (JumpBacks) for weddings –

      If you need RF music, they have really good stuff in their StackTraxx collections –

      These are top quality, royalty free assets for bargain basement prices – or their BackTraxx collections –

      Good luck!

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      Thanks for your help Bruce!

      Looks like Digital Juice has the answer. I will investigate these!

      I also checked out Particle Illusion- in fact was able to download the SE version for 30 days. I achieved the sparkle, but somehow (& don’t know what is going on): it degraded (i.e. made the still image) very pixelated. The sparkle effect was good though. I wondered if it was because I was using the trial version- I couldn’t put effects over .AVI files either.



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      I’m partial to doing the effect in camera…. a simple four or six point starburst filter (make you own with a skylight filter/uv filter and a couple quick swipes with sandpaper) and a mini mag flashlight…

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      if you’re looking for a simple, single starburst, before you spend your money, you may also consider using photoshop.

      make two versions of the image, add the starburst effect to one image, then layer the images in your nle and do a cross fade between the two images.

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      Genarts Sapphire is your friend.

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      Genarts wouldn’t help the original poster unless he had switched from Sony Vegas to a supported platform for Sapphire.

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      Why not upgrade to Vegas 9 pro and use the new included plug-ins like rays or glint or whatever. there must be 2 or 3 different ways to do this in Vegas !

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