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      Don’tcha just love the way some people come on here and pretend to be “one of us” only to tout some godforsaken crap, equipment or software nobody has ever heard of in an obviously (apparently to everyone but them) commercial bent? I read the rules of engagement here and it specifically spells out that these forums are for independents and individuals, not for companies to freely hijack posts or to hawk their commercial wares, especially in the equipment for sale forum. But they’re doing it virtually EVERYWHERE!

      It is an insult to even my rather insignificantly low intelligence quotient that these people seem to think they’re pulling anything over on me, much less the rest of us. How can we combat this mis-use? Just post the SPAM replies, as a couple of us have done? Seems there should be something more that could further disuade these people from abusing the forums.

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      If someone comes on here and drops an ad or spam that is related to a video product then I don’t mind so much. In some cases it may be the only way we find out about such things. But if they pop in and post sweaters or perfume or some other crap like that, then yes I get ticked too.

      I’ve seen spam on here for all sorts of junk. But links to a new web site (video related) or software can be a useful post. I guess it depends on what it is and how it is related to the subject matter.

      But like Earl said, its everywhere. I guess i have learned to live with it. LOL


      BY THE WAY…



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      mmm…i had spam for breakfast this morning.

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      I used to actually enjoy “Spam burgers” myself then, one day…

      Responding to Jay, I too have no problem with legitimately beneficial information, even if it does smell a bit like spam, but some of these guys are coming out of nowhere, posting piggyback or hijacking totally unrelated threads to tout stuff that is so far out in left field, or so full of BS that it almost turns my hair brown πŸ™‚

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      I envision a software product that would automatically send a virus back to the spammer. You load it onto your email and any incoming email is filtered against a database of known spammers, if it concludes that the item is spam then it launches an auto attack on the ip address and any server it originated from. Bombing the server and authors computer with viruses and Trojans, or just locking them up with incoming mail. LOL After a while server owners will get tired of that and stop allowing spam to originate from their servers.

      Of course in practice this probably wouldn’t work. But its a nice fantasy, especially if you’re perturbed when you delete 30 pieces of email from your inbox that is useless. πŸ˜€

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      It’s funny that junk mail is only spam when its something that doesn’t interest you. Like those signs that say “No Soliciting” but your not soliciting whenyouhave somethingthey want. As to this software that will tie up ip servers; how about software that allows you to select a library of topics of interest by your choosing. That way the only spam that gets through is information thatyou appreciate. Personally the best way to get rid of spammers is to not give them any time or day. Door to door salesmen have gone nearly extinct because people don’t open doors anymore.

      “If everyone else out their would stop buying any little piece of sh^t that comes in their mail box then the rest of us can get some peace and quite.” Ah, I feel better now.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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