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      Anybody and everybody who is upset with the individuals or companies using thread hijacking, piggybacking or spamming to hawk their agenda/wares here could collectively connect to the person’s member name and flood them with messages. This will likely not result in anything more than sucking up bandwidth from Videomaker hosts, but it MIGHT (dare I hope) send a message to these people.

      How insufferable that people who join offer NO information regarding themselves yet sign on and attempt to utilize forums such as this without regard to the community’s purpose and intent. What do you expect, though, from the types who spend their lives regurgitating useless crap in the 30 or more e-mail spams you get daily at your various addresses?

      Do these people actually GET enough positive responses, sales or members to warrent the practice. Evidently they do because I see NO reduction in the numbers of spam sent/received for everything from pills to sex, to mortages to investment opportunities – even RUSSIAN BRIDES.

      Go ahead, lets all send each of them a message on every occasion they provide. Give THEM something to read for a change!

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      The Link spammersare mostly looking for higher ranking with search engines. The more links that point to their site the higher theirsite will rank with search engines.

      So, the spammersgo around looking for high volume sites where they can put their links.If their site is linked from high traffic sites their sites are ranked even higher.

      The problem is with the way the search engines rank sites for positioning.

      Anotherproblem withsearch engines like google. They also rank for content, so there are a zillion sites putting all kinds ofverbal goolash and other nonsense on their sites to get betterranking. There was a time when Google was awesome fortroubleshooting, so much so,the Microsoft support people favored Google over the internal troubleshooting tools within Microsoft. Now, if youtry to get troubleshooting informationand you mention the model or something specific about your camcorder all you get issites selling the camcorder.

      Google has turned into an adsense machine, and until someone picks up the gauntlet to actually deal with search issues of people and not all the tweaky crap to get advertising we’ll get this junk. AND more spammers of course, looking for creative ways to pump up their sites to get more revenue from advertisers on their sites.

      A sicko situation forsure

Viewing 1 reply thread
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