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      Upon subxcribing to your magazine, I also subscribed for the Free ENewsletter. I do appreciate any thing I would receive that is actually ENews relating to Videography. On 11-18-06 I did receive an actual Videomaker ENews: November 2006 – with excellant articles.

      BUT — On 12-20-06 I received what I consider as SPAM and not ENews a solicitation in reference to a magazine. Was this a paid SPAM message?

      [url] or by calling us at 212/766-4100.

      And I just received what I and most others would consider as pure SPAM under the guise of Videomaker Enews. At what point did this become ENews and stop becoming blatant advertising that foisted upon your subscribers?


      Were you paid by Sony for this little news release? If so, you are abusing the good will of your subscribers.


      Your reasoning and justification please?

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      Thank you for your post!

      We do not send SPAM, we do occasionally send commercial e-mail to our mailing list. SPAM is defined as unsolicited e-mail sent indiscriminately to multiple mailing lists, individuals, or newsgroups.

      We appreciate your interest in Videomaker and hope you will understand that the advertising that appears in the magazine and/or is sent to our e-mail list is a vital part of what makes Videomaker (or any magazine) a viable business. Without advertising, 99% of all magazines would cease publishing. We don’t feel as if we are abusing the good will of our subscribers. Quite to the contrary, we count on our subscribers to read the messages that are of interest to them and ignore those that are not.

      At Videomaker we are consistently seeking to improve upon what we do, and we value your opinion.


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