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      Okay, here’s my predicament. I am trying to make a video involving a few Special Effects shots, and one of these requires me to zoom into a specific window with the talent looking out. The zoom starts out with the entire ship in the frame, and ends right at the window showing the actor staring out.

      The only tools I have are a green screen for filming, and Lightwave and Final Cut for editing. If anyone can guide me down the right road to make this work, that’d be great. Also, this video is due Jan. 4th, so a quick fix would be preferable. Thanks

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      I’m having someone do something similar to this as well, but I’ll do my best to help you. Film the actor in front of the greenscreen. Create your ship and camera move in Lightwave, and make the window green. Render this into a video file. Then, take your CG animation and bring it into FC. Take your greenscreen footage and create the background in a different timeline. This way, in your final FX timeline, you will only have to deal with two layers (the CG animation layer and the actor layer) After that, bring in your live action sequence and layer it under the CG animation footage. Key out the green in the CG animation layer, and your live action shot should be peeking through. Using keyframes, match the size and position of your live action shot to the size and position of your window. This will be rather rough, so if you can import your live action clip into Lightwave and place it in your window, that would be better.

      You can probably get a more in depth answer at – (that’s where my VFX compositor is creating the same shot for me) but I hope I helped enough to get you started!

Viewing 1 reply thread
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