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      Sorry if this is a basic question but I am new to this..

      I want to record a video where the actors will talk and dance. I want to have playback for them to dance to but dont want the playback picked up by the mic used for the dialog, this will just be a condenser on a boom, or maybe just the cam mic. I will drop the final sound track in later.

      Any helpful tips?


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      I’m not sure this complete suggestion will be within your budget but it is the way I’d approach the problem.

      There are two elements, recording the voices and controlling the bleed from the playback.

      The recording is fairly straightforward – use good quality wireless mics on each performer who’s speaking. The radio packs will need careful and secure fixing and diversity receivers will probably be a good idea as well but otherwise should present no problem. However, remember that you’ll pick up the dancers’ breathing as well and dancers will breathe heavily so allow plenty of time for the audio post production.

      To control the play-in I’d use a trick I learned years ago from a music studio sound engineer. He was always getting complaints from string players (violins, violas) when he was recording them section by section in the studio. They always found the headphones on which the backing track was played to them difficult to wear.

      His solution was to play in the backing track into the studio through speakers not headphones but out of phase ie with the the polarity of the speakers reversed. When he mixed the violin/viola tracks (with the backing track in the background) into the combined track because the two backing tracks were out of phase they effectively cancelled each other out.

      This isn’t an exact science of course, but it’s the best solution I know. I’ve used it often since and I think it would work well in your situation too.

      Although amplitude (the loudness of the each track shouldn’t matter) it’s prudent to keep the track you’re wanting to cancel out as low as practical.

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