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      Hi I was recently given (on loan) a Canon Xm2, i want to use it to do some wedding filming.

      I have a nice shotgun mic that i want to hook up to it, but they do not have compatible connections (the mic uses a big 3 pin input) with the xm2 came a solid state recorder that after some playing with i realised records audio onto a memory card when i plug in the mic i have (it has the right input) so can i hook up this audio to the camera? or should i sync it up afterwards?

      I’m quite inexperienced with camera technology, whats the best setup i canachievewith this equipment?

      Thanks very much, Gully

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      if i am not mistaking the XM2 has a RCA connector for the mic, and i’m guessing by how you decribe the mic that it is a XLR. Correct me if i’m worng about that and i’ll refine my answer.

      Does the memory card recorder have a monitor out? most do and are most of the time 1/4″.

      If this is the case you can get a 1/4″ to RCA adapter, and plug the monitor out to the camera. then you can use the memory card recorder as a back up audio source.

      if not, then shoot with both the on cam mic and the MCR. just before you start have some body stand in front of the camera while both the camera and MCR are recording, have them count down from 3 and then clap their hands. you will then be able to sync the audio. just make sure the sample rate are the same on both units, Rookie mistake.

      hope this helps

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