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      I’m going through some footage for the first time that i filmed with a xl2 which i now recently sold. It was all stock including mic. I was filming at a drag strip and all the engine noise,sounds of the track and everything sounds great and is loud, i was probably 20ish ft from the track.. I did then a quick 30sec interview with a person who was standing directly in front of me, maybe 6 feet away and his voice is super low almost like a whisper and can barely be heard,he was talking quit loudly also when doing this. The cars were stopped at this point so he wasn’t being drowned out by any other noise or anything like that.

      Can someone please tell me why this happened?

      I now have a hv40 and d3100 dslr,looking for ex mic and want to make sure this wont happen again,ty

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      I can offer 1 reasonable scenario for what happened to you based on one of my mistakes – I have an XHA1 and had a shotgun mic attached BUT didn’t select it in the option menu which meant the on board omni directional mic was working, not the shotgun. I was at a convention, the shotgun pointed at the interviewee, I could see I was getting signal but only had 1 ear bud in, I assumed it was all good. ASSUME.All I got was conference noise and the odd blip of interview.

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      We’ve all had our problems with audio. For what you describe, you may want to look at this program – It’s called the Levelator and does a really good job of fixing up audio with levels problems, far better than simple normalization. And better yet, it’s free.

      It has saved my butt more than once.

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      The only thing I can think of is that the loud sounds had triggered the onboard compressor so hard they needed time to recover?


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      Thanks guys and bird ill def check that out. As long as i can get in there and ake the voice louder on this one ill be good.

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