Sound quality on hdr-sr12

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      how good is the sound quality on the sr12, using the built in mic, and also using an external mic in the mic jack? (we can ignore mic specific, issues, as I have good ones)

      specifically, does the camera compress the data when recording, (like mp3 quality) or does it record cd, or better, quality sound?

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      Unlike HDV cameras which have enabled HD on MiniDV at the expense of sound quality (16 khz I believe), the SR11/12 has full Dolby 5.1 surround at 48khz since it goes directly to hard disk or flash.

      Most HDV cameras allow for external storage to get around this limitation.

      As for the quality of the mic – It’s a built in so there is always room to improve – However, it does very well for what it is and even has a zoom feature to mimic a shotgun when zooming in tight.

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      thank you.

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