Sound Mixer Recommendations?

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      I will be shooting all types of HD films and docs and need a good sound mixer for under $1500. Any recommendations?


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      Are you looking forportable field mixer or a studio mixer. I have a small Alesis mixer I use inhouse that has a USB connection. It allows me to record voice over directly to my time line. I know that Yamaha also makes some nice mixers with USB and or Firewire connections. I would look at Musicians friend website if this is what you are looking for.

      At events wherepower is availableI can use it with my laptop for recording as well as direct into my camcorder.

      I’m sure someone else will respond about portable field mixers if that is what you are looking for.

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      I use a Mackie 1642 and output it to my zoom H4 paid ~ 900$ last year.

      this unit enables me to adapt to ANY situation examples: live event with band and DJ or to record Hockey tournaments using multiple Mics placed at different ares in the arena.

      it all depends on what you are planning to use it for.

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      I use a peavy usb6

      safely allows me to tap into what ever soundsystem the churches/dj’s are using plus mix in my own mics etc before sending to camera/laptop. in fact, a wedding i did last week… the person in charge of music, forgot to bring thier music… people were obviously upset, but I got to be the hero when I pulled out my iphone and low and behold, there was a playlist titled “Wedding”… I was able to play a wedding march for the ceremony and some background music afterwards….

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      “… a good sound mixer for under $1500…”

      Lots of good choices in that department, ranging from a Juicedlink portable mixer (XLR) to a number of expensive ($80 – $1,000+) mixers I found during a Google search.

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      I am sorry for the confusion. I am looking for a portable sound mixer – one to wear on body.

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