Sound issues when burning with NERO 7

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      Hi All,

      Sorry probably Im doing something wrong but I’ve been trying to burn AVI files to DVDs to play on my DVD player. On my PC I can play these files with no issue.

      However, when I burn them to DVD’s initally they are fine but after a while I get a series of flickers and the sound goes out of sink with the picture (as mentioned I looked at the file and it doesnt do it on the PC). Very annoying! This happens in almost all the files.

      Any ideas, maybe Im using the wrong burning option or something. If anyone can help by telling me what I should do I’d be very grateful!


      B πŸ™

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      compusolver pretty much hit it on the head. In fact Hank, I wasnt aware that set-top DVD players could even play uncompressed AVI files. I always thought that the data rate needed wasnt fast enough with DVD players to be able to show a clear smooth running picture w/sound. I could be wrong because things are always changing so fast.

      Anyway, bazza1978 There is a MAJOR difference between a DVD player configured on a PC and a set-top DVD player. The reason your PC plays it so nice is because for one its designed to handle the extremely fast data rates needed to play AVI files plus it has the necessary codecs needed.

      DVD set-top players are set up to play a different compressed file version of this audio/video stream. They are called [.vob] files which is a special formatted version of an mpeg file like compusolver was referring too. DVD players are designed to look for a folder called "VIDEO_TS" on a DVD disk. Within this folder are the [.vob] files along with others. Theres actually a little more to this then what Im saying here but the bottom line is that you will need to take your AVI file and encode it using some special DVD authoring software which would compress and format your AVI file to make it compatible with stand alone DVD players. This would solve your problem of being able to play your video w/sound on a set-top player.

      I do not think that Nero 7 has the capability of encoding files to a DVD format. You would need to get another DVD authoring program like MyDVD, DVD Architect, Ulead’s DVD Workshop, Encore and many others.


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