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      Hi everyone

      I was wondering… I have an ATI TV Tuner input for my PC. It has an adapter for two audio inputs and a video (the standard red, white and black analog inputs)

      I have a client that wants music added to a video from a cassette tape.

      I checked the cassette players I have. One has analog inputs (CD Line in) but none have outputs.

      How can I output from the cassette and change the signal to digital, suitable fro PP 2.0?

      Is there a piece of hardware I need or another way?

      Thanks for your help.

      Ps. the cassette players I have only have analog headphone jacks would that work? Plugging the head phone jack into say a line in on the pcs audio card?

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      Thanks — this is a cassette tape that they have the music on not vcr. I can input from vcr through the TV tuner with no problems but what we need is a cassette player with "line out" or some other sort of adapter kit.

      My cassette player has a headphone jack (is that a 5mm jack?). I was wondering if there is some sort of "5mm plug that could end up in analog plugs at the other end? — If I made one, would the outputs be compatible?

      Of course we could play it into a mic but thats defeating the purpose – loss of quality etc.

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      I think you’re right (as usual).. I can tell you what DOESNT work…

      I found a wire that I use from my camcorder to the tv — its a 5mm plug on one side and had left / right audio and video out (which would go to the tv)

      So I thought by plugging the 5mm plug into the cassette player, then into the TV tuner, I could pick up at least the audio. That dident work

      I also tried the old unfaithful Dazzle device, as it has two audio inputs (and ends in a usb II plug) but that dident seem to work either.

      I played around with the settings of various recording softwares but I could not pick up any sound playing. (this is where I could have had a mistake I think — It should work otherwise I would think?)

      (and yes, I checked the tape without the headphone jack plugged in to make sure it plays through the casette player’s speakers)

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      ok, heres what I did.

      you need a cable with a 5mm (headphone) jack on both ends.

      sound comes out of the cassette player and into the sound card

      change the input to "Line in" on the sound card.

      Open a sound editor (I used WaveStudio that ships with my Audigy sound card)

      press record on WS and play on the tape.

      then you save the peice, and import into Premiere.

      Works perfect!

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