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Sound in FCE

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    good morning,

    How can I move sound in left window cca. 5 seconds on the timeline?

    I know how to move part of the sound in right window, but I want to move raw clip about 50min
    Sound and video are from DV tape and I know how can move it in right window, but I want move for 5 seconds all clip (about 50 minutes).

    Thank you

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    To seperate sound from the video, your will fist need to press this button link button, wich appears to be one of the 2 default shortcut button in the upper right part of your time line. Your can than press ‘t’ until the right arrows appear and you can move your clip. Hop this helps.

    Good luck,<span style=”white-space: pre;”> </span>Antoine

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    please, can You be more Detailed… I am new in FCE so…

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    What does cca. mean? If I understand, your want to un-syncronyse ( way of speaking ) the audio and the vid in the right window, also called canvas (and is related to the timeline).

    First, you will have to make sure that the video and audio aren’t stuck together so that when you move the audio, only the audio moves and the video stays in place.

    To do that, you will go in the ‘edition’ menu in the top and search for the option with the short cut ‘?L’ (shift L). I can’t name it to you because I have a french version. Now you can use the arrow to select every audio clip (or maybe the only) that you have to move. Once they are selected, drag them left or right to change them place. The video won’t move.

    If this is not what you are looking for, please explain yourself again more clearly. If you have any questions post them. Good luck, Antoine

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    I want to move sound 5sec from the video (left window, not right) in all the line and then move sam parts, add transitions and few words and make a movie file.

    I know how can I do it when I split the video in smaller clips, but its best to be set before, in raw material.



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    but, when I unlink the video and sound something is wrong. The delay is long about 5sec and I can find the beginning of the sequence, but I cant find its end – the end was cutted when I drop the clip on the timeline.
    Sorry for my bad English


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    Here I tried to make some photo of FCE image.
    In picture A is look of the FCE when I import video and sound from the camera. When I move sound and when sound is at the right place, I have few seconds less and few seconds more because sound and video are delayed for 5sec (sound is 5sec after the video)

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    I am not sure you can “edit” in left window the way you want to. I do not use FCE but in editors that have similar left and right windows the left window has been for clip review. The right window is the actual project review window. The only edits in the left window that I have used is basic trims, cuts and in some cases clip volume. You then have to drop that into your timeline, split the audio from that clip there,then move the audio to its new place along the timeline.

    I am sure that if I have missed anything, others may chime in or correct me.

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    Finally I do the job and I can finish my work. It must be done in right window, cause left is just a preview window.

    Thanks for your patience.


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