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      hi, i am interested in making music videos and i am wondering if when filming i should just turn off the audio track and use CD musicor if i should record audio while i am shooting.

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      Hey skate-vids,

      If you are recording a bands music video then you should definitely use the CD quality music as the soundtrack as that is what you are trying to advertise in the video.

      You should also record the audio track as you film as you can use it as a reference guide, for example if you are filming a band then syncing up the vocalist with the words from the CD is going to look better. Plus edit points like a drum rolls needs to look in time so your guide track will help with that.

      Ideally you should rig up the CD for the band to play along with so they play perfectly in time with the CD version, even if you are doind quick edit cuts this will help keep things looking tight.

      You also have the audio track if you wanted to do any special edits e.g. you can have the room noise at the beginning then the CD quality track kicks in.

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