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      AvatarHJB Productions

      We intend to shoot a comedy show and want leads to where we can buy sound effect for the laughing. Any help will be appreciated.

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      Check out They have a huge variety of laugh sounds and with a free account you can download 5 sounds each month for free.

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      Also check ‘Sound Ideas’. Pro sound effects used by the top outfits in hollywood and more. Full libraries are pricey, but individual CD’s are reasonably priced. Laugh tracks and the kitchen sink can be found there.

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      AvatarHJB Productions

      Thanks for the lead. You just made my day.

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      Audacity is free and you can record with it too. You have the multiple sound files loaded and then just layer it in there. They have plenty of tutorials and support. I personally use Adobe Audition, but Audacity has pretty much all the same functionality of that.

      Free Sound Effects

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      AvatarHJB Productions

      I have usedAudacity before but I now have Soundbooth.

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      Laughter sound effects can be downloaded from . There are a number of them on the site.

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      I spent 25+ years in Hollywood as a sound fx editor and mixer. Cutting in laugh tracks simply was not done. Admittedly, I left the trade six years ago, but as of then there were no comprehensive audience laugh sequences which matched acoustically.

      Sitcoms as pioneered by DesiLuwere shot, three cameras in front of a live audience who were miked for reactions and recorded as a separate track. Even so, nearly ALL laughs were sweetened in real time on the dub stage during the final mix. The ” laugh mixer ” had a small machine similar in concept to a Mellotron which was played out via a piano-likekeyboard, ranging from snickers tohowlingly long laughs . . . and they all matched acoustically. I believe the effects were recorded on a sound stage with 50 or 100 folks watching a silent comedy film.

      Hey now! Maybe some enterprising folks here might try recording a complete set of audience reactions and publish their own library?

      Rick Crampton

Viewing 7 reply threads
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