sound editing in magix ?

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I have a video basically finished, but the song runs well past the end and of video.all i want to do is simply fade the sound down to zero before the last scene, which is of a sunset on a lake with crickets...thing is, the manual that comes with magix has "nothing" about how to edit sound. It does'nt look like many-if any- magix users on this board, but any help much appreciated.

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Using your mouse, grab the right edge of the song and drag it to the left until it falls under the last scene in your movie.

The 'object' that represents your song is a box that has five little 'handles', one in each corner and one handle in the middle of the box at the top. Grab the handle in the upper right corner and pull it to the'll end up with a diagonal line that represents the audio of your song 'fading out'

|._____________.___________. <----grab this handle
| |

|._____________.________. <------your song now fades out...
| \