Sound dropouts during archive transferring

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      Help I am looking for some advice, I started the long haul of transfering all of my 8MM video to a digital date storage base. During the transfers on some tapes I noticed some sound dropouts that make the video footage unwatchable. My footage was shot between 1987 and 2004. I am using the original camera that filmed most of the footage from 1991>2004. 3/4 of my footage is of live music, I used a external Sony 909 mic on (my ID on youtube is50174, example of a good tranfer ( is no tracking feature on this camera. I am using below

      Sony video 8 CCD-TR93 NTSC into a Canopus ADVC 110 into my MACBOOK Pro

      Any thoughts would be great

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      the dropoutsmay be indicative of tracking or tape wear. I would be suprised if you captured all that old footage 100% accurately with the camera.

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      you can try a different player and hope for the best. They are deterierating tho.

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