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      First video project so I’ve made a complete NOOB error!!! Help :-).

      Got video on DV tape, the sound was recorded using a lapel mike that was connected up to left channel. When importing the DV video to Pinnacle it comes in with left channel only sound. Is there any way in Pinnacle or another video editing application to turn this into a mono track or in other words to have the sound coming out of both channels?

      You’ll be saving my bacon if you can help with this one.

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      Easy fix! Use Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus to change the audio to mono.

      Still, it would be good to know if this is possible with Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. Anyone know?

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      You have recored on the left channel only and being digital it cannot be fixed as easily if it were the old analog system – a matter of a lead patch into the right channel when downloading.

      I have not been able to get studio to convert the left channel to either the right channel or duplicate it, put it in the picture in picture line, or the audio line and change the balance – it cant balance cause the right channel is void of audio.

      I have just done a quick project using a small piece of video with sound to the left channel only.

      I went to toolbox > change volume and changed the clip from stereo to surround.

      Vocal now comes from centre speaker. ( you may not hear the audio if you are editing on a stereo system)

      When making a DVD you MUST go to Make Movie > settings and select “Dolby 5.1 channel” in the audio properties box.

      If you dont, it will come out as stereo and the mike work will come out in the left channel.

      When played back in a 5.1 system, the vocal is in the centre speaker and easy to listen to

      When played back into a mono TV the vocal is fine. Y yes I still have one of those)

      When played back through a stereo system (got one of those too) the vocals come out left and right channel.

      You must have Dolby 5.1 channel encoding for this to work.

      If you dont, send me your E-mail address to and I may be able to help you further

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