Soon to be recording church service for the first time HELP

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I am still debating on the type of camera I will purchase.
I'm narrowing it down between
Panasonic AG DVC30

OKAY choosing a camera is a headache in itself. Add to that my Pastor is pretty anxious for me to get to taping. I've never taped a church service before however I'm confident I can do it. I'm just concerned because I'm gonna be all by my lonesome. I know they will be happy with anything I do since our church is very small (approximately 50). I just don't want it to be too boring with the one camera. I only have 5250 to spend and I need the camera along with everything that goes with it.
I have my heart set on Avid editing software and that I won't budge on. I also need a new PC pluc mics plus tripod. uggghhh I'm getting a headache!!! ha ha ha

I know... WHAT's the question... ha ha
I'm pretty concerned about audio. If I have wireless a mic hooked up to my Pastor will he still be able to use the handheld mic thats hooked up to our church sound system?? Or will it interfere with the wireless??

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I can't really help you on the sound, But here is my advice on the camera.

GL2 is a good camera but keep in mind that its 3 CCD's are only 1/4 inch while the VX2100 is 1/3 inch. Bigger is better when it comes to CCD's.

Low light capabilities are another major factor. The GL2 has the capability for 6 or 7 LUX while the Sony has 1 LUX. Lower is better.

There are other major differences but I am sure that most who will respond to this with say go with the Sony VX2100. That is the advice I continuously received.

I would probably equate the Panasonic AG DVC30 to the GL2.

In regards to the JVC GR HD1.
When I was looking for a new camera, I was almost duped into buying this camera with catchy price tag. That was until I read the reviews on it. Here is a fairly complete review. Read the entire thing. DOn't forget the conclusion at the end.

1st: Most importantly, this camera is only 1 CCD when the typical prosumer camera is 3 CCD's. That is VERY important.

2nd: This HD camera records to a typical Minidv tape. While this is not out of the ordinary, the format is. This camera does not capture RAW DV footage instead to Mpeg2 format which means it is losing some of its quality right off the bat just to fit it to the minidv media.

3rd: Only this camera can be used as a playback device. If you play the tape back on any other video camera HD or SD it just comes out in a jumbled mess of color and fuzz. It claims to be a true 1080i but and that may be. But... If you are going to spend the money on an HD camcorder you should either buy a canon or Sony or Panasonic. Heck at least buy a more updated version of a JVC if you are going to go that route.

Or... Wait a little longer until the format is established a little more.

This camera was one of the first HD cameras on the market. This camera was released in either late 2003 or early 2004. So that means that most of its technology is outdated. There have been many improvements and standard-alities(<- not really a work) in HD since the GR HD1's conception in 2004. Keep that in mind.