Sony’s new HDR-AX2000 – SD AVCHD?

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      Hi all,

      Just looking at Sony’s new HDR-AX2000 – reading the specs, it says that the camera shoots in SD as well as HD – 480/60i, 30p, 24p.

      Well, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for for the last year and a half – a prosumersolid-state cam with all the manual controls and XLR inputs that shoots standard-def. I’m not ready for HD yet and don’t want to make the investment in a new editing system to handle HD until I have to.


      Does anybody have any ideas on what the difference will be in editing SDvs. HD footage from this cam? I’ve read all about the difficulties and power-hungry requirements of editing AVCHD footage. What about SD footage shot in the AVCHD format? It seems to me like that’s an oxymoron – would’nt it be AVCSD? I assume the SD footage is still recordedwith the sameH.264 MPEG-4 codec, just with the lower resolution.

      So, would SD footage recorded on this camera be as easy to edit as SD footage from any Mini-DV cam? Do the powerhouse editing requirements for AVCHD come from the the codec, or from the video resolution itself?

      Any thoughts/ideas appreciated!

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      SD will be recorded in an mpg2 format. AVCHD must be unpacked for easy editing.

      Nobody can tell me when we can get this camera in Europe. It has XLR inmputs, still marketed by Sony Consumer. His bigger brother is HXR-NX5.

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      It’s available here in the US (I have an AX2000). The NX5 is starting to show up as well.

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      The NX5U is available here in the US. I know that B&H has indeed been shipping some. They’ve been accepting orders on a pre-order basis, and filling the orders as the cameras come in. I believe Tapeworks Texas currently has one NX5U in stock. I know that Benny Ek got his NX5U at ProMax in Irvine, CA last week, and has been contributing some early real-world test footage from his new NX5U, for folks to view at, as well as some raw files straight from the NX5U that can be downloaded there to help folks evaluate the camera. So far, it’s looking like the NX5U and AX2000 are going to be some wonderful cameras for those of us wanting professional caliber cameras that can shoot great quality high definition footage recorded to solid state media. Personally, I have an HMC40 (and love it), and the images it can shoot are just stunning, with amazing detail. I’m looking forward to getting an NX5U real soon. It looks like the NX5U will be able to deliver images that are quite comparable to what the HMC40 is capable of recording, but with better light sensitivity due to the much bigger 1/3″ imaging chips in the camera. AVCHD is coming of age!

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      Question in regards to the AVCH SD Footage recorded on the AX2000. How do I get SD footage to show up in Premier? I know that FInal Cut does not support the SD but it does the HD. Any suggestions?

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