Sonys formats VOR, VoB , How do I change these????

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      Sonys VOR, VoB formats, How do I change these????
      I am a new user to this site…. I just reposted this in this Cat. …. got no answer in the Editing Form.
      I just bought a Sony Mini DVD-105 video camera.
      First couple disks I filmed in the VR format, this left me with a VOR file on the disk, the only way I seem to be able to view this is thorhg the camera. None of my DVD player will read it and not one of the four computers (with DVD BUrners) we have will read it.

      The next disk filmed I used the Video Format, I get a VOB file that I can view these on eveything, but the bundled Nero express software dose nothing for me if I want to put two recorded disks onto one dvd.

      So what I am looking for is a easy (or semi easy) software that I can edit this type of files with……

      So far I like the camera but am not to happy witht he software Sony has supplied with it……. (that is unless I am just not using it properly)

      Thanks for the help


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