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      Hi Comerades! I’m an italian videomaker, and i’m gonna buy a sony Z5 but, before doing it, i need to find some more infos:

      What do you think about that camcoder? Many people I’ve spoke with uses a Canon d7 /d5 photocam, that is not exactly a camcoder, but still makes beautifull videos! In comparison, I sow Canond5 shoots better at night (z5 noises quickly…), it also has 30fps (z5 does noT? I didnt found anything about that), is smaller and lighter (not bad when travelling) and uses memory drivers (more confortable than kilos of Dvs…). So maybe would be better to buy the canon photocam instead of a Sony camcoder…

      what’s your opinon?


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      Consider the Sony HXR-NX5. It is the same as the HVR-Z5 but usesflash recording in stead of tape.

      The CanonDSLR cameras will perform better in low light owing totheir huge sensors. Recording video, these cameras only perform well with very expensive lenses and lots of adapters.

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      If you are wanting the SLR look such as the look that the Cannon 5d gives then I would recommend looking at Panasonic’s new camera the Panasonic AG-AF100AG-AF100

      It’s amazing! You can change the lens with other camera lens’s such as Nikon and Cannon but you can control all video aspects and audio.

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      Hi folks,

      I have a Z5P with the MRC1 unit. I set the REC EXT CTL to External, so now I can record tapeless…without the camera whining about not having a tape, and shutting itself off. But I can’t use my REC triggers on either the camera or my LANC controller. What setting am I overlooking? Thanks!

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      Actually, my post was wrong….I have the REC EXT CTL set to External, but my camera is STILL shutting itself off without a tape inserted!!!! What the heck is going on?? UGH!

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