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      I was shooting with my Z1U today with the BEBOB Power Converter and the LUX DV On Camera light. I hadn’t realized that I accidentally plugged the power tap in upside down. I didn’t even know that you could. When I hit the power button on the light…poof! The entire camera power went down…nothing! I changed batteries…still nothing.
      I politely excused myself from the shoot. Luckily, I was shooting something personal for myself and made arrangements to pick up the shoot another day.
      I loaded went home and started troubleshooting. I called around to see if anyone had dealt with this before and became alarmed to hear it could be an expensive fix. I heard everything from blown fuses to replacing circuit boards. Worse yet, the camera would have to be shipped to Southern California from Dallas for the repair.
      On a lark, I got the owners manual out and went through the trouble shooting guide. It suggested hitting the "Reset Button."
      I did, but used one of the batteries I had with me on the shoot….still nothing. Now I’m getting very worried about an expensive and time consuming repair. I went back one more time and re-read the manual. It also said after resetting the camera to wait 60 seconds. I reset the camera again, waited 60 seconds, used a fresh battery staright off the charger and "presto" the camera powered up!
      I was telling my wife the story and she suggested I post the story on a message board just in case this ever happens to anyone else.
      I’m paying my good fortune forward. It’s a lesson I’ll only learn once. Always…always check to make sure the power tap is plugged in correctly.

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      That’s good information. I currently have the FX1 and am looking to get a Z1U. I’ll put that in my memory bank. Thanks for sharing.

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      I realize you did this post a year ago, but I just stumbled acrossed it. Thank you regardless. I will be sure to mark that reset page in my Z1U manual.


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