Sony Z1 – NP- F970 Battery, false duration read-out on camera?

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      Hi All

      Wonder if you could advise me of a weird problem that has just started happening with my Sony Z1 and the battery duration reading:

      I recently charged the battery (it is an NP-F970) then placed it in my camera to use. After fully charging the battery the camera reports that it has 70 minutes left. It usually shows around 280 mins or upwards.

      When the battery duration readout on the camera goes down to 0 mins left and starts flashing, i’m still able to use the camera for about 3 hours.

      Here’s what I can tell you:

      (1) It’s a genuine Sony Battery.

      (2) I have depleted the battery’s power twice since having the problem and fully recharged it.

      (3) I have pressed reset on the actual camera twice.

      The battery charger, reports it’s true charge state at any point mid-cycle. It takes the normal amount of charge time to show full charge. The battery definately lasts for 4 hours but I have to put up with about 3 hours worth of the camera reporting that the power has depleted when it hasn’t.

      I can’t disable the camera’s power duration read-out to temporarily ignore the annoyance.

      Any idea’s how and if I can reset things so the info lithium output tab on the battery reports the true power remaining?

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