Sony working on an fx program?

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      Not a good forum to ask this, BUT, is Sony working on an fx program? Anything like After Effects? If not,I am thinking of switching to Adobe products.

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      Seriously doubt that bubba. They usually just hook up with Boris FX. More than likely you’ll end up like me with an ‘unholy alliance’ of Adobe and Sony products. Adobe is the hands down champ on the visual side, but Sony is hard to beat when it comes to audio and being able to build video projects quickly.

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      Thanks Wolfgang. I was kind of afraid of that. I have never been a big fan of the Adobe interace back to Photoshop 5 days but I guess it is time to strap it on and learn…thanks again!

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      There’s no reason you have to abandon Vegas to use AE – Plenty of Sony editors use AE at various stages of their projects (including me at some point).

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      For what it’s worth, I’m getting much better with Premiere Pro after taking lots of free Adobe/ classes. That’s after moving to Adobe from plain Jane Pinnacle Studio. It’s making sense the more I do it (so it can be done if you are interested in making a switch). With CS4 I can jump from one program to the other for different needs–I can’t wait to see what CS5 can do for me. Just my two cents.

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